October 2020 Newsletter

Business cycles demonstrate that previous presidential elections have not had lasting effects upon stock market performance. We learn this each presidential election. 

May 2020 Newsletter

I am writing this Newsletter at the end of a day (5/27/20) when the market (DJIA) increased by over 2%.  These days are confidence-building, as the numbers for the day point to the market moving higher again and to a market that will not give in to fear and pessimism. No promises that it cannot go down again, but proof that no one ever knows enough to say “This time it’s different.”

April 28 2020 Newsletter

The financial media say stocks are “volatile” and “risky” and bonds offer “stability” and “safety”. They say that limiting volatility and risk is an important goal for all investors, and especially retirees. They say “protection of principal” is of the utmost importance, especially as one moves from working years into retirement. We take a very different view.

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