January Newsletter – 2023 filled with opportunity

Dear Clients and Friends:

A New Year – like other years – full of promises, predictions, fears, and nonsense. I agree with the manager who said, ‘Market predictions – why bother?’  There is one prediction I like and live with:  ‘the market always goes back up again.’

Why worry about a recession?  The media say you do – but recessions are normal – like 2 steps forward and one step back, or, two steps forward and two steps back.  Maybe the steps backward are shorter than the steps forward.  We experience bumpy paths frequently.  Business or life will not move along smoothly, and recessions have causes one believes with problems not easily seen.  But, for those who are loyal and continue working and struggling, the tide always comes back in.  Recessions turn into a growing economy again.

2023 is filled with opportunity.  We have previously quoted you DJIA averages, S&P 500 averages and NASDAQ averages.  The greater the average is down, the greater potential for a rebound.  Determine today to make an investment of any size; call and tell us to invest.  Before long you will be hailing bear markets as a wonderful opportunity.

Just because the market is lower than it was some months ago does not mean you have lost money.  Our net investment application will determine the amount you are ahead over all the time you have been invested.  (This is a report for longer-term investors, not those with only a few years in an investment.)  But to get to that spot, you must start!  A developing net worth is an ongoing process.

Ban and Banish the idea that you have lost money because you did not sell on some high day!  That is harmful thinking and it is not true!  There are more high days coming.

Opportunities exist in the stock markets:  Linda Martinson, Chairman, President, and COO of Baron Funds knows that challenging times often present exceptional opportunities. Stocks are trading at discounts versus their historical valuations.  Baron’s is finding attractively priced businesses with strong fundamentals* and growth prospects, as are other managers.

If you want statistics, we recommend observing the data in Linda’s Letter in the Baron Quarterly Report, 9-30-22, and following quarterly reports.  We also recommend First Trust Advisors L.P. website where we sign up for regular reports on multitudinous specific variables.  A third option is Capital Group, 2023 Outlook.  These resources offer good information that is more meaningful than the media’s daily reporting. We value the experts who have demonstrated their ability to use data and turn it into wise buying decisions.

We are committed to helping our clients develop financial independence. Over many years we have seen and learned the methods and practices that are successful for the greatest number of people.  Always feel free to call us to discuss finances – and please let others know what we do.


Louise Googins, President, Investment Advisor

Michael Googins, Administrator

Kim Rankin, Accountant

Richard Martin, Investment Advisor

Lynne Goldsmith, Investment Advisor

Dayton Hoffmann, UW-Madison Intern

Andrew Spengler, UW-Madison Intern

*Fundamentals – some of the terms and considerations – study of balance sheet, earnings, company management, product lines, cash flow, data impacting the price or value of the company and PE ratios, returns on equity ratios, and many more….