December Newsletter

Investment Newsletter

Googins Advisors Inc.

December 13, 2022



Dear Clients and Friends:


On the 7th of December, records showed the NASDAQ down 29.59%, the S&P down 17.31%, the S&P US Agg Bds down 10.21% and the DJIA down 7.55%. “Tomorrow” you and I could turn on computers and see the values of accounts.  Maybe the indexes had a down day, but the total account value changed little. Why is that?


When markets trend upward, we frequently see increased values in the accounts, but when the reverse occurs and the markets “free fall,” we find we “lost” less than  expected. Earning ‘some’ and ‘losing less’ is a great strategy for our long term results, and it is what we expect on average.


This is the math of investing!  There is a large difference between the bank and the market and what each can do for you. The bank adds interest and you take out the dollars put in plus the interest earned. The interest buys little inside or outside the account whereas the market does…and is always working to give you more over time…if you can wait.  It is important to avoid the mistake of thinking one can figure out what is happening day to day.


Note the math of a recent account: $200,485.00 minus $466,549.74 equaled $347,078.90*.


Isn’t that what most of us would like? …to take out more than we put in and still have an account increased in value which has allowed us to care for ourselves and others?


Googins Advisors’ lifetime goal is to help you use investment math to create larger benefits. It’s fun!  People are happy and we are all rewarded!  Do you know someone who would like to participate?  Please send them our way.


Attached you will find a couple of articles from Nick Murray to fill some of your holiday downtime (“A Study in Crisis and Resilience” and “Inflation, Recession and a Frantic Bear Market….Again”).




A Blessed Holiday to you.  Our office will have reduced hours between Christmas and New Year’s.  You call us at 608-514-1044 to check.






Louise Googins, President, Investment Advisor

Michael Googins, Administrator

Kim Rankin, Accountant

Richard Martin, Investment Advisor

Lynne Goldsmith, Investment Advisor

Dayton Hoffmann, UW-Madison Intern

Andrew Spengler, UW-Madison Intern


*$200,485 invested gave a client $466,549.74 to spend and the client still has $347,078.90 left. Who knows what that capital can give and become over time as it continues to benefit but it has already provided more than was expected.!