What About Risk?

You are often asked to identify your risk tolerance, but how do you measure risk if you are not an experienced investor who has received good advice?

It is not a fair question to ask people who wish to invest but have no knowledge of what is risky and what is not risky. Because the market goes up and down (but up in the long run, historically) while the media stresses the day to day, minute to minute movement, it is easy to believe risk is great.

It takes time to learn that “safe” investments are rarely safe over time while risk can be controlled. It’s up to you to hold steady, but a competent and honest advisor can guide you. (If an advisor always agrees with what you feel or think, and changes securities accordingly, chances are he is not willing to educate you.)

At Googins Advisors, we learn about people and their past experiences and explain what has worked. There are no guarantees, all investing is based upon reason and history. We teach true “buy and hold”. Once investors understand taking “reasonable risk” and why the investments they own are different than the hot tip they might have bought in the past, they are on a path to accumulate serious money that can fulfill their investment objectives.

Give us a call; let us help you.

Louise Googins
Googins Advisors