If you’re new to financial planning, you’re not alone. Everyone with a thriving portfolio today started where you are – and had many of the same questions and concerns you likely have, including:

From Confusion to Clarity

There are many financial planners in the Madison area. What makes us different is our signature approach to wealth management. We’re experienced in explaining the complexities in a way that makes sense, and we favor a personal conversation over puzzling stacks of financial forms. We call this approach The Googins Way, and it separates us from the pack.

Take the First Step

In our first meeting, you’ll quickly learn that there’s nothing to fear and everything to gain from opening your horizons to the world of financial planning. Newbies are welcome!

It’s easier than you think to get started. Give us a call or stop by and let’s talk about your concerns and financial goals. There are no silly questions or intimidation tactics – just easy-going people ready to help you begin investing with confidence.