November Newsletter -Rates Cure Inflation & Markets?

Investment Newsletter Googins Advisors Inc. November 1, 2022   Accept financial medicine like you accept medical medicine Rising interest rates are the medicine.  The government is now attempting to apply the medicine to cure the inflation. The medicine worked in the early 1980’s as Reagan supported Volker, the Fed chairman who pushed interest rates into […]

October Newsletter

Googins Advisors Newsletter Message from Louise Googins October 3, 2022   Growth vs Austerity – what do you believe in?  As mentioned in the last newsletter, economists Art Laffer and Stephen Moore say “growth, not austerity, is the best answer to inflation.” These terms can be simple: ‘growth’ meaning ‘deregulation of rules’ on industry which […]

September 2022 Newsletter

“I was just a babe in the markets” when Reagan became USA President and told Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker to “keep up the good work.”  I don’t know his exact words, but I remember the meaning.  Volker had raised interest rates; savers were happy as they earned interest in the high teens, maybe the […]

July 2022 Newsletter

Do you know about the Dutch Tulip Mania Bubble of 1637? The prices of Tulip Bulbs began increasing in 1633 until dramatically collapsing in 1637. At the peak of the tulip mania, it’s been written that single bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled artisan. Also reported is that […]

June 2022 Newsletter

A Siren Song? The Sirens are mythical creatures with hypnotic voices in the story of the Odyssey. They caused the sailors fear and then danger. Siren songs have not gone away. Fear is the hypnotic song and you can hear it all day long and in most messages. I have asked people who have been […]

May 2022 Newsletter

This is the time you have been training for…this is the time we have hopefully prepared you for. The market has dropped and dropped a lot on Wednesday. We “love” the market going up and sometimes we begin to feel it will not end. But it does end because it always has, and then again, […]

March 2022 Newsletter

Taxes: We are receiving calls about the income taxes you owe. Earning capital gains and dividend income is why you invest and paying income taxes may be the unpleasant part.  I recommend withdrawing the money to pay the tax out of your accounts if you need to.  If you have other money, and you won’t […]

February 2022 Newsletter

Some people believe you should be careful what you think about because you tend to bring to yourself the very event.  If you have been worried about a Bear Market, you might be experiencing your wish now.  If you are a pragmatist, you are thinking, “These things happen, the market does not always go up, […]

December 2021 Newsletter

One of the questions we are asked regularly these days is, ‘What about inflation?’ We think the attached article written by Nick Murray gives you in depth inflation data. And if the article gets a bit murky with all the data, just remember: Inflation – That’s Why You Own Equities.

November 2021 Newsletter

The holidays are a time to celebrate and be joyful and thankful. The stock market has gone up and held onto gains while extreme poverty has declined from 90 percent to 9 percent over the long run! There is a lot right with the world!