Five Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor

Deciding to employ a financial advisor is a big choice to consider carefully. If you’re thinking about hiring a financial advisor, it could be because you’re looking for some peace of mind when it comes to wealth management and accumulation. Getting started with financial planning can be a daunting process; there are many pitfalls. At Googins Advisors, we want to help you make an informed choice, so this month, we’ve compiled five reasons you should consider hiring a financial advisor.

#1: Financial planning requires sophisticated knowledge about taxes and investments.

This may be the number one reason to hire a financial advisor. An investment is defined by Investopedia as an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. Investments have different tax consequences and there are hundreds of different investments to choose from. Unless you have the skills and time to carefully plan out your investments yourself, you should let someone help who studies investments, searches for high quality investment opportunities, and can quantify your return on investment. It takes a lot of information to set up a plan and Googins Advisors financial planners can help you get started!

#2: You’d like to save for your child’s future education.

Did you know that the average person spends $102,828 on a four-year college (Education Data Initiative)? The earlier you start saving to help your child pay for tuition the better, and if you haven’t started a college fund before, you can benefit from hiring a financial advisor. Do you need a special plan? Why or why not? How will you get started? Googins Advisors can help answer these questions and work with you to create a plan based on your short-term and/or long-term goals to ensure you’re successful in saving the amount you need for your child’s education!

#3: How much money do you need in retirement?

Retirement planning may seem easy when you’re young; all you need to do is save as much as you can through your tax-advantaged savings accounts. However, once you get into your forties, you may need some help figuring out how to achieve your ideal retirement goals, and a financial advisor should be a pro who provides superb support. Future wealth can be planned in detail if we know how much you currently spend, what your company retirement plan will do for you, what your assets and liabilities are and at what age you want to retire. Googins Advisors has a clear cut, simple retirement planning process to help you reach your desired retirement goals and timing.

#4: Starting a small business.

Going into business for yourself is one of the most exciting AND challenging things you’ll ever do, especially when it comes to having to manage the finances of your business. That’s why we recommend hiring a financial advisor to support you and your new business! As a small business itself, Googins Advisors knows all about small business ownership trials and opportunities. You’ll need an attorney and accountant in time and we can help maximize their use. We can help you build the foundation of your business, from educating you on group insurance plans, to integrating them with your individual planning, and much more. As a fellow small business, we have learned from experience! Learn more about the services we offer to small businesses.

#5: Planning can be stressful, especially when you know you don’t know what to do!

We will develop your plan with your questions in mind. Googins Advisors make it simple and straightforward and spends time with you to teach information to take the stress out of financial planning. You will see your plan evolve and create exciting new wealth and opportunities. The fresh way of thinking we provide, The Googins Way, gives both new and experienced investors easy-to-understand information, fast response times, and stress-free client processes that help you accomplish your financial goals in a comfortable environment.

Still have questions? The financial advisors at Googins Advisors are here to help answer any questions you have about financial planning and wealth management! Please fill out our contact form and one of our financial advisors will be in touch.