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Googins Advisors News            May 17, 2016


New Internet Telephone Number – 608-514-1044

The Old Number Will Transfer to the New for Several Months

Encryption – We encrypt all emails containing sensitive information. Please call if you are having difficulty opening them.

Emails – Please alert us if you send an email and we do not respond within 2 days.  Your email has likely ended up in trash or clutter and we have no way of recognizing it.  We receive hundreds of emails weekly, many of them advertisements.  If you leave a message at our office that you have sent an email, we can locate it.  Any message from you is vitally important to us; we want to respond very quickly.

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Comment: We have been in a Bull Market in Stocks for over seven years!  The major stock markets have gone up since March 9th of 2009, but they have not moved far during the past couple of years.  We have been marking time – up…down….up…down, etc. etc. History shows we have times like this, but history also shows the market always increasing over time.

Much activity has occurred recently, but the truth is never seen in the numbers of one year, one month, or one day.  We see many retired people who use their accounts to withdraw money regularly.  An uptick in the market can quickly earn back the money taken out yesterday.  We delight in showing you the return of and on your money over the long term.

Reading an annual report the other day, we found the company’s growth fund had declined 4.97% over the previous six months while the S&P 500 had only fallen 0.92%.  But over a lifetime of 42 years and a few months, the managed growth fund in question had averaged a positive 13.23% per year, outdistancing the unmanaged S&P Composite’s average return of 10.66%.  I own that fund and so do many of our clients.

PATIENCE is one important characteristic of the Successful Investor.  Daily, weekly and yearly numbers are molded into the true picture of what has occurred in the United States’ economy over its history – a story of growth, prosperity and improvement in daily conveniences that are now spreading to the rest of the world.




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