The Big Impact of Saving for College

Saving for college early can have a big impact. Just listen to our radio show on “Graduating From College Debt Free.” If you invest in equities (stocks) and you start early enough, you can have amazing amounts saved for college costs. For example, a grandparent invested $10,000 when his grandson was born and he still has a year or two of high school left. That account is now worth over $80,000 maybe enough for four years at the University of Wisconsin. And expect the account to continue to grow over the years in school. If the grandparent had invested in the same account but only $100 a month, there would be over $50,000 available. We help investors decide and invest in the best vehicle when savings for college: whether it be an adult’s own Roth, 529 Plan, custodial account, or Education IRA.

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