July, 2016 - Mid-Year Report

July, 2016 - Mid-Year Report

Dear Clients of Googins Advisors:

Googins Advisors News

Googins Advisors News            May 17, 2016


New Internet Telephone Number – 608-514-1044

The Old Number Will Transfer to the New for Several Months

Encryption – We encrypt all emails containing sensitive information. Please call if you are having difficulty opening them.

Hold On, This, Too, Shall Pass

You will soon receive a year-end report showing the value of your accounts on December 31, 2015.

2016 has started with mostly down days in the markets.  “The worst start to trading in years” we hear.  It is a good reminder that “INVESTING IS A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT!”

2015 Year End Letter

Dear Patient Investors:                                  


Playing the Probabilities

S&P 500 1926-2015



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